I'm very honored to be featured in the EKSPRESAS.CO.UK. You could read in this amazing newspaper about my modeling and fashion career, modeling workshops by Vaiva and my book "The Road to Modeling Success ".
You going to find out that...
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Natalie Oden in the Happy 365 Magazine

12791023_1100872203277844_1467752766861364459_nI met you a year were very shy and were learning so fast because you had a big passion and love for modeling...what a beautiful example for everyone you are!!! Congratulations again dear Natalie with another editorial in the Happy 365 Magazine! Read more


img_3603I'm so honored to be featured in the beautiful magazine LONDONIETE, UK... Thank you so much Princess Austeja and her company Metropolitan Management in London for the invitation to represent my book " The Road to Modeling Success ",...
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