Colors-of-Love-200x300We hear the word “Renaissance Man” in reference to a man that has had an impact on people and society. Well, Vaiva Tuckuviene should be nicknamed-a Renaissance Woman”. She started off her career as a model and business entrepreneur in her native Lithuania. This evolved into a modeling career that spanned a few years in New York. A clothing line, and other related business related to the fashion industry ensued. Brands such as Vaiva Models, Vaiva Style became common place names in Lithuania and with the success in her native land she decided to make her mark in the US. She authored a book-“The Road to Modeling Success”, designed to give prospective models and their parents insight into the world of modeling. The realistic expectations and the truth to the modeling industry. This was parlayed into Modeling seminars that were started in Lithuania and then became popular in the US and other countries in Europe.

Vaiva continues to hone her craft and is now developing a magazine that marries fashion and the people that have inspiring stories that have made an indelible mark on the world. Additionally, she is preparing for the the next modeling camps that will be happening this fall. The sky is the limit for this Renaissance Woman, continuing to grow and evolve making her mark on the world of fashion and the world itself.


SAL TASSONE, Producer & director of Zen Master Films Production

I just want to say I'm really glad to have met you  at your event a few nights ago. I find you inspiring, and thank you for appreciating my look as far as me being a model goes. And to keep inspiring me to keep living my dream.

Alexis Robertson, Model

After reading this book I have so much more confidence in my modeling career! It's a must have, it will guide you through the modeling language and even how to do your taxes when you start working. So glad to have Vaiva as my mother agent!

Brittany Dubron, Model

Vaiva Tuckuviene in her book, The Road to Modeling Success, touches all topics from business etiquette to proper skin care. This book is a must to havr. I am glad I made the purchase. Thank you, Vaiva Tuckuviene, for the encouragement and for sharing your experience. Congrats on writing your first book. It's a hit!

Thee Drama Ganza, Designer